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Steel shot selection

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Sure shot is mainly to see you want to clean up the workpiece: selection of nonferrous metal general pills aluminum or stainless steel pill; ordinary steel welding, casting, steel and other selected shot; shot the larger diameter surface cleaned up the roughness is high, but the cleaning efficiency is high; then the irregular shape of the grit or steel cut wire pill cleaning efficiency than spherical pills to be high, but the surface roughness ishigh; high cleaning efficiency of the projectile abrasion of the equipment is also fast (relative); just use the timeto count, but compared to the production efficiency for this wear is also not quickly 1 hardness and cleaning speed is proportional to, but inversely with life. Therefore, high hardness, quick cleaning speed, but short lifeconsumption of large, so it is hard to be modest (about HRC40-50 is appropriate) to use the best results. 2moderate hardness, excellent with a rebound, the shot can reach every place to clean up the room, reduce processing time. 3 ejection of material internal defects such as Blowholes in cracking, shrinkage hole will affect the durability and increase energy consumption. 4 density is greater than the 7.4g/cc internal defects when to minimum.

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